Made with Heart

I saw these wooden pieces by Pastel Toys in a children’s store recently and thought they were beautiful. When I found them online at, I learned that Pastel Toys are made in the Galilee village of Koshorit, Israel, a non-denominational assisted living community where people with mental and physical disabilities can live independently, work and study. Residents produce a wide-range of handmade, old-fashioned wooden toys and decor items- including adorable wall hooks (at left, on sale for $19.20). Proceeds from sales of these items help this special community sustain itself. No shabby gifts here, Pastel Toys have even been featured in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. Stylish, simple finds for your little one’s nursery, and a purchase you can feel good about. Wooden dinosaur toy on wheels (shown right, $25). Visit

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  1. Dharma says:

    Pastel toys are now available one eBay:

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