Baby Baskets- Part 1

I am always in pursuit of great baby gift baskets that don’t cost a fortune. Most either are super expensive or super-cheesy (you know, the ones filled with junk like pink plastic baby bottles). But after much searching, I’ve found several that are juuuuust right- they are attractive, well-priced, and have items that Mom and Baby will really love. The first one I’ll share with you is “A Bucket Full of Baby Stuff” from ($49.99). It’s an adorable (and wearable) hat filled with a 100% cotton short-sleeve personalized onesie and 2 burp cloths. Choose your own personalization, font color, thread color, and hat color. An adorable girl’s version is available here. Check out the entire selection of baby gift baskets at

I’m posting this at 3:50 AM and I have already been up for ONE HOUR while Baby S. screams. His teeth already surfaced and he is more comfortable on that front- so that’s not why. He is clean, changed, and fed (my bad for allowing a 3am bottle again, but I’m desperate for sleep). Looks like I’m headed back to Ferber Land!

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