Brush Up Your Vocab

These SATees from are a new hot item in funny baby onesies/toddler Ts. They feature all those seldom-heard but often-tested SAT vocabulary words that you probably learned when you were 16 years old but have never used since. Words you could now use to describe your little one in nearly-indecipherable terms. Like “recondite” (difficult to understand), “dilatory” (tending to cause delay), and the above-pictured “pulchritudinous” (beautiful)- which, believe it or not, was actually on my SATs. Geek that I am, I love these shirts, even though I would probably score a 0 on the SATs these days (wait, you get 200 just for entering your name correctly, right?) Dress up your Harvard-bound tot with SATees onesies ($16.99, sizes up to 2T) or shirts ($18.99, sizes up to 4T) from

p.s. Thanks to MyMomShops reader Jennifer R. for reminding me about!

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