The First Adventures of the Incredible You

Since first-born kids tend to get all the good gifts, I jumped at the chance for poor “neglected” Baby S. to get his very own personalized copy of The First Adventures of the Incredible You, an award-winning children’s book. A perfect gift for the child who already has four copies of Goodnight Moon or Fancy Nancy, The First Adventures of the Incredible You is a lasting and cherished keepsake as well as a delightfully illustrated and narrated story. There is rhyming text (my musically-inclined kids always prefer that) which follows the child from the day of his/her birth through adventures including the playground, the zoo, and fun times with mom & dad. All you do is supply details about your child’s favorite people, places, and things…it is 1, 2, 3, quick and they do the rest! While Baby S. does not yet quite appreciate this newest masterpiece, it made me teary when I read it to him. Order it now for $32.95 in time for the holidays at Custom Made for Kids: Personalized Children’s Books & Gifts.

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3 Responses to The First Adventures of the Incredible You

  1. Mandy Malone says:

    What a lovely idea! I am a fan of personalized books and I like the way you can personalize more than just the child’s name with this particular one. Good Christmas find!

  2. Tamara says:

    Fantastic post! I am coming up with ideas for my son’s 1st birthday in January – looks good to me!

  3. windycindy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Please put me in the drawing for you super contest. I appreciate it! Thanks, Cindi

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