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Many readers e-mail me questions about finding particular items. I’ve decided to start sharing them here as “Ask MyMomShops” posts. If you’ve got one for me, e-mail me and I just might post it here. Here’s the first one:

“Any fave big brother shirts that you’ve seen? I’ve been looking, but nothing that really says buy to me. Thanks! Jenny (mom of 1 from Korea).”

Jenny, I hear ya. I’m personally a little tired of those stick figure “I’m a big brother” tees. So I was very excited to find this ultra-cool, unique Big Brother shirt by Pluto at 100% cotton and made in the USA, Pluto tees are a fave of celebrity moms- you can see why. This tee is available up to size 8 for $25.

Want someting more basic? Check out this big brother tee ($17) from one of my favorite shops, Little Showoffs.

Or this nice contrast-stitched big bro tee ($34) from City Threads.

While I’m on the topic of big brother gifts, I want to recommend this book My Big Brother which I’ve started giving to new big bros (it’s great if you are tired of that “I’m a Big Brother Book” by Joanna Cole). It’s a tongue-in-cheek book about a big brother from a baby’s eye view. The photographs are great and the text is very sweet, and it’s a rare big brother gift that both the older and younger siblings (later on) can enjoy. It costs $10.85 at My Big Brother. A My Big Sister version is available too, of course.

If you have other ideas for cool sibling tees (or gifts), post them here in the comments.

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4 Responses to AskMyMomShops: Big Brother shirts

  1. Charlie's Mom says: has a good selection to choose from. You can even make up your own shirt.

  2. Mom of Two says:

    I bought the Pluto shirts for my sister who just had a baby girl. This company sells matching Big Sister and Little Sister t shirts. They are too adorable.

  3. Alexia says:

    Thanks for all the links to Big Brother T’s – I’ve always wanted one for my son, but could never find one I liked.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well my favoriate for Big Brother shirts are posted here- or if that link is to long. Good luck finding one you like! ~ Momto4 ~

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