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If you’re blessed with one of those babies who can fall asleep for a nap at any time or place of YOUR choosing, then you can stop reading this post and have a nice day. For the other 99% of us (including me…who still wakes prior to 5am most mornings with Baby S.), read on about the Downtime Sleepy Hat, a unique product to help your little one fall asleep (and stay asleep) better.

Created by Andrea Verity, the mom of a (you guessed it) sleepless infant, the Downtime Sleepy hat is both practical and cute. Made from luxurious lightweight 100% organic pima cotton, the soft foldover hat creates instant dark and quiet for baby’s tired eyes. It is also a supremely adorable baby gift, with its too-precious appliqued eyes and sweet gift packaging (and it costs only $22, to boot). And, if you’re wondering, “does it really work?”, read the convincing testimonials from rejuvenated parents here. It’s available in two sizes (up to age 18 months) at Downtime Baby.

Go ahead and buy yourself (or a tired new mom) the gift of a napping baby. Priceless!

MyMomShops readers enjoy an exclusive 10% discount at Downtime Baby through May 31, 2008 with code “MyMom”.

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3 Responses to MyMomShops Sponsor: Downtime Baby

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s interesting because BabyTalk magazine this month rated it as one of the things they think isn’t worth the money! I know you blogged about this before, too – do your really think it works?

  2. Jane and Jim says:

    Oh, but it’s soooo cute!

  3. Dawn says:

    I have seen that before and it is kinda freaky….I know if someone pulled something over my eyes and I couldn’t get it off I would be freaked and REALLY not want to sleep!

    Gotta love the eyelashes though!

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