Before there were Manolos, there were Legwarmers

OK, so the Sex and the City movie got panned by The New York Times today. No matter, I’m seeing it anyway. But if you want to see Sarah Jessica Parker in an early small-screen star turn, I highly recommend the new DVD release of Square Pegs – The Complete Series, the sitcom in which SJP starred way back in 1982. In this series- which has rarely been seen in syndication over the past 26 (!!!) years, Parker plays Patty, a brainy, nerdy girl desperately trying to win popularity- or at least acceptance- in high school along with her best friend Lauren. Are any of you also old enough to remember episodes like Devo playing at the Bat Mitzvah of Muffy Tepperman (played by Jami Gertz, in a career-launching role)? Bill Murray appearing as an unusual substitute teacher? Traci Nelson as resident Valley Girl Jennifer Di Nuccio (“Like, totally gag me with a spoon”)? When I worked at the Museum of Television & Radio (now called The Paley Center) way back when, my Gen X co-workers and I used to watch these episodes during our lunch hours. They are THAT GOOD. Treat yourself (or a 30 or 40-something friend) to a blast from the past; buy the series for $24.95 at

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2 Responses to Before there were Manolos, there were Legwarmers

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG, I *must* have this! I was a Square Pegs addict back in the day! Remember the theme song? Square pegs, square pegs, square…pegs! 🙂

  2. charlie's mom says:

    Just came back from seeing Sex & the City. Loved it!!!

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