Sunday City Sights

Big-scale public art projects are yet another reason I love living here in New York City. You may have heard about Danish artist Olafur Eliasson’s brand-new “New York City Waterfalls”, a multi-million dollar art installation brought to the city this summer by The Public Art Fund after two years of planning. Shown here is one of the four waterfalls appearing in New York Harbor, this one directly beneath The Brooklyn Bridge. Wow. I can’t wait to go see it and photograph it myself (the photo above is courtesy of The New York Times).

The Waterfalls are bringing back fond memories for many New Yorkers of Christo’s famous The Gates which decorated Central Park in early 2005. I visited (and photographed) those Gates over and over that February. Here are some of my favorite pix. Hope you enjoy them.

(And here is 18-month-old R. and me at The Gates in NYC on February 15, 2005. R. wearing Mommy’s c. 1975 plaid poncho- tres artistique. Thanks for the photo, Rosanne!)

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