Vida’s Market Round-Up

I stopped by the launch of Vida’s Market here in New York on Saturday. It was a small, charming fair (housed in a church basement!) featuring local and indie designers’ clothing, accessories, and toys for young children. I met founder Kate Maloy and was glad to hear she is a reader of this blog. Here are some of the designers I want to tell you about (plus there are 2 others I will write a longer post about; there is a great story behind them):

Tot Stops. Featuring NY-themed onesies and toddler clothing, and some toys & gifts, too. The Brooklyn Bridge Toddler Tee shown here costs $18.95.

More fun graphic clothing celebrating my hometown from Brooklyn Junior. This Street Light onesie or tee costs $20.

Jingle Bell Cloth Balls ($16 for set of 3) from the storefront of Apple Blossom Baby. Unique baby gift.

There were several booths featuring gorgeous hand-made clothing for little girls, such as Little Girl Pearl (the floral dress shown here costs $62).

Vida’s Market plans to return to NYC again this Fall; stay tuned at Vida’s Market.

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3 Responses to Vida’s Market Round-Up

  1. Robin says:

    Such perfect timing!! The bklyn bridge onesie is PERFECT for a friend that just had a baby!!! Thanks!

  2. Tot Stops says:

    Thanks for the write up! I would like to extend my thanks to your readers with 15% off with the purchase of $18.95 or more. Also there is free shipping when you buy 3 tees.

    Also, thank you Robin for your purchase.

    Jessica Sequinot

  3. Tot Stops says:

    Sorry the promo code for 15% off is mms15.

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