How Old Are You Now?

As promised, here are some more birthday-age-tees I’ve stumbled upon while browsing for my son who turns two in just 3 weeks. I’ve actually picked out a “birthday ensemble” which I will write about in a separate post. You will love it. In the meantime, here are some other birthday options for toddlers:

I’m One, I’m Two Tees by Culpeper General at ($18):

Small Paul “This Many” Shirt at Small Concept (in pink only, on sale for $17):

Numbers Tee by Appaman at CWD Kids ($30):

I’m This Many Birthday Shirt by Nina & Tom Family Fashion ($22):

Monkey Madness Number Tee at Fliggity ($25):

Have you found other cute birthday/age tees for kids? Post them in the comments!

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3 Responses to How Old Are You Now?

  1. Heather B. says:

    These are great! My little guy turns 4 in a couple of months, and I was thinking last night that I’d like an “it’s my birthday” type of shirt for him. The monkey number shirt is right up his alley! Thanks!

  2. abb says:

    Hurry – I need some birthday ensemble ideas. My son turns 2 in a couple of weeks too and I have not found anything I like yet. Thanks, Ashleigh B

  3. jg says:

    My son turns 2 on the 28th. I got him this shirt from which I will pair with blue shorts(it also happens to be on sale):

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