Hare and Now

My 5-year-old daughter slept with the same 2 lovies (named “Blankie” and “Hockie”) from 6 months of age until 1 month ago. That’s when this light blue Bunny “Friend” from Serena & Lily arrived in our home and R. gave up all prior allegiance to “Blankie” and “Hockie”, her beloved bunkmates since 2004. She tossed them aside, and hugged “Bunny” tight as if she were greeting a long-lost soulmate. She has slept with Bunny ever since. The old lovies are being stored for safekeeping, a reminder of her baby, toddler, and preschool years, as Bunny ushers her into kindergarten, and what I hope will be restful schoolnights for years to come!

Each of Serena & Lily’s hand-embroidered “friends” is made with soft corduroy and fabric appliques; choose Bunny, Lamb, or Bear for $48 at Serena & Lily.

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  1. Eswar says:

    You are cruel. You must not have a life if you have nothing else beettr than to be mean to children on Easter. You would not be saying, Mental Retards if you had a child, sibling, grandchild, with Down Syndrome like me. I have a son, and the word makes me cringe now. It is so cruel. I used to feel the same was as you, but God taught me a lesson and now I have a son who I love so much! Special needs children/people are like any other family members we love so much, even more, and give so much love back to us. Maybe God will teach you a lesson one day too and you will never say those horrible words again. They are very painful to someone with a Special Needs relative. I will say prayers for you. I suppose you are going to say you don’t believe in God or Jesus either. I will pray you will find both and have a Happy Easter!:)

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