Moey’s Music Party

Here in NYC I have met some extraordinarily talented moms, like award-winning Off-Broadway songwriter/mom Melissa Levis. “Moey” has a cult following among the 5-and-under set in NYC, including my daughter, and at home we listen to Moey’s Music Party CD ($15) quite often- our favorite songs are “I Always Sit When I Eat” and “I Gotta Go Potty”. Trust me, you’ll love ’em; this is some of the best kiddie rock I’ve heard so far. Moey is a gifted songwriter (she comes from a creative family- her aunt was the Wendy Wasserstein), an energetic performer, and, also a kind-hearted neighbor and friend to me and my children.

For you NYC readers, Moey’s new interactive musical for children, Moey Live — P is for Party!” debuts Off-Broadway at the DR2 Theatre (103 East 15th St.) this Sunday, September 21st through October 26th. Using words and props that start with P (think princess, puppets, and pizza) the audience helps Moey (the “Pied Piper in Pink”) and her band plan the best party ever for…a very special surprise guest. Kids participate throughout the show- they dress up in costumes, shout out answers from the audience, and come on stage and dance. Moey says, “It’s like “Rocky Horror” for toddlers!”

Tickets are $25, and there are discounts for students and groups; inquire also about special birthday party packages.

Visit Moey’s Music Party for more information.

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