Old Kid on the Block

Updated 2/7/12: Welcome, Pinterest visitors! I am so excited to see how many other people look back fondly on the Cabbage Patch Kid craze. While you’re here at MyMomShops, please take a look around–I blog about today’s top finds in kids’ clothing, toys, gifts, decor, and, yes, retro stuff for us “big kids,” too. You can also follow me on Twitter. Enjoy your visit!

Thankfully, I’ll never need to buy R. a Cabbage Patch Kid since I saved the half-dozen or so “adoptees” that my parents bought me way back in the 1980s (thanks, Mom & Dad, for travelling the entire tri-state area to find me a coveted CPK during the Craze of ’83). Nevertheless, I’m thrilled to find that 25th Anniversary Edition Cabbage Patch Kids (yikes, I’m old) are now for sale. Each costs $39.99 (a bargain compared to what people scalped them for 25 years ago…) and for an additional $3 you may choose the kid’s own name and birthday. So you won’t be stuck with a brood like “Lombardo Denton” and “Hans Jefferson” like I was. Adopt one for your little girl (or boy) today, and tell her about the 80s…visit the Cabbage Patch Kid site.

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