Petit Playmobil

I just discovered these Playmobil Micro Sets ($9.99) thanks to a birthday package R. received from her cousins (thank you A, Z, and J!) She got the fairy tale micro world pictured here, but there are 3 other versions (pirate, Noah’s Ark, or Knights’ Castle) available. Each one includes a bunch of miniature (reeeeeally miniature- be careful around babies!) magnetic figures, two standard non-magnetic figures (compatible with all Playmobil playsets), and a handy pocket box with magnetic interior (which seems to miraculously keep the little pieces from getting lost). This is a great travel toy. Check them out at Playmobil.

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One Response to Petit Playmobil

  1. Michael says:

    My little boy loves Playmobil. I need to get him one of these little sets. I can see how they would be ideal for long trips in the car. Thanks for the info.

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