Around and Around We Go

R. and I took a stroll down Museum Mile last weekend and stopped in at the Guggenheim Museum, among other places. I tried to explain to R. how, as an art history major, I wrote a research paper on the construction of the Guggenheim, but she wasn’t interested. The pretty entrance marquis lights by French artist Philippe Parreno (part of the Guggenheim’s “theanyspacewhatever” exhibition) were of much more interest (plus they kept us toasty warm on a cold windy day):

The famous spiral, from the outside:

From inside looking up:

And inside, looking down:

And, take a look at this artwork by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan (which critic Walter Robinson cleverly called “Disney Goth”). R. was skeptical (“I’ve never seen a dead Pinocchio before…”) Only in New York!

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