Holiday Gift Picks: Back to Basic Toys

Welcome to the first of many Holiday Gift Picks posts I’ll be writing between now and the holidays! Sometimes I’ll feature my top picks from favorite websites (like today’s picks from Back to Basics Toys), sometimes I’ll pick a theme such as Hanukkah or Christmas-themed gifts, wooden toys, and of course, gifts for moms. Remember you can always browse all of my past gift picks by clicking on the holiday gifts label, or by taking a stroll through my favorite gifts from the past. Happy Holiday Shopping!

I love the site Back to Basics Toys. It features some of the best classic children’s toys- ones you’ll remember from your own childhood. No Elmo or Hannah Montana in sight. Check out these oldies but very goodies:

The Original Lincoln Logs Commemorative Edition in Tin Keepsake Case ($39.99). Ages 3 and up. I loooooved my Lincoln Logs and spent hours creating little villages in our attic playroom.

Lite Brite Cube ($24.99). Ages 4 and up.

The “Original” Award-Winning Brio Labyrinth ($39.99). Ages 6 and up. Another toy I spent hours with, trying to perfect my labyrinth-ing skills. Yes, I was a nerdy kid.

Shop for more retro-style holiday gifts at Back to Basics Toys.

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One Response to Holiday Gift Picks: Back to Basic Toys

  1. Nanny G says:

    Both the Lincoln Logs and the Lite Brite were fun long ago and still hold up today – my girls loved both so much and my grandson loves his as well. Haven’t tried the maze yet, but since that same grandson is a paper maze fan, that seems like the perfect holiday gift! Thanks for your great ideas! Nanny G (pshunt at gmail dot com)

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