Silhouette & Stationery Goodness

This past summer I posted these charming personalized silhouette sibling thank you cards that I bought for R. and S. (we got so many compliments on them, by the way). The talented designer, Sarah & Abraham, has now launched its own beautiful e-commerce website (seriously, I am jealous of the lovely design of this site) and blog. Here are some of my newest finds from Sarah & Abraham, which you may want to order for yourself (or as gifts) as the holidays approach:

Bird Flat Cards (20 for $23.50)

Family Folded Holiday Notecards (20 for $29)

Holiday Return Address Stickers (24 for $14)

Kids at Play Print: Siblings (8 x 10 print for $20)

Love this stuff, dontcha? Check it out at Sarah & Abraham.

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One Response to Silhouette & Stationery Goodness

  1. Pilloroo says:

    Beautiful with a simple design.

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