Rocket Man

My kids flipped for this Color Me Rocket by Color Me House (a house version is available, too, but my kids think the rocket is tops). I was skeptical about putting it together for them, but it was quite easy for an all-thumbs mom like me (no tools required). Basically a large, eco-friendly white cardboard playspace, the Color Me Rocket will occupy your kids for hours. First, they can decorate it. The Color Me House website has a lovely gallery of the possible artistic creations…

But ours has turned out like this so far (and here is S. peeking out the window):

And, in case you didn’t catch that “my brother is not allowed in here” sign by R. at the top, here’s a close-up.

Anyway, the kids have a blast (off) in here (when they are not fighting over who gets to be in there alone). It is a big hit at playdates. R. has even taken to eating her breakfast inside. However your kids choose to play with it, this unique toy will spark their imaginations this year. And, when you’re tired of it, don’t worry….it folds up. Good thing for us apartment moms. $49.95 at Color Me House.

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3 Responses to Rocket Man

  1. Your Sister/Aunt to R and S says:

    Fortunately, S. doesn’t seem to be fazed by R.’s exclusionary artwork!

  2. smiley says:

    I just saw this idea in Land of Nod but it’s $89! Great price with your great find!

  3. gfcfmom says:

    Thanks for posting.

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