Big Deals at the Land of Nod

I found some super deals at the winter clearance sale at The Land of Nod. Take a look:

Kids IPOD Multi Block Speaker Dock (reduced to $29 from $59):

Kids Cardboard Chairs (Set of 2) (reduced to $24.95 from $69):

Modern Dollhouse plus Furniture (reduced to $79 from $179):

Check out more clearance items (up to 80% off!) at The Land of Nod.

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One Response to Big Deals at the Land of Nod

  1. Pat T. says:

    Even at $30, I can not pay that for cardboard. Not to mention paying full price. Seems to be the trend though – I’ve seen a lot of cardboard play things for sale.

    Maybe it’s the frugal part of me having lost my job last February and having made the adjustment to one income – a blessing in disguise – to be home with my two little ones. But I’ll pass on the $30 cardboard.

    I love Land Of Nod but I think they missed the mark on this one. Martha Stewart had a segment where you could make cardboard furniture (stove/oven, chairs and table and toy bed) out of, well, you know – cardboard :) .

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