Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

Now that R. is in kindergarten and some of her older classmate are starting to lose their baby teeth, the Tooth Fairy has become a popular topic in our household. I never had a “Tooth Fairy Pillow” when I was little, but they abound in various designs and colors now. I like the simplest ones best, so I’m leaning towards purchasing this Tooth Fairy Pillow ($28) by Ouef to have at the ready when R’s big day arrives. Soft and sweet and made of 100% pima cotton, this friendly molar-shaped friend has a pocket in back where the Tooth Fairy will make the important exchange. I got a quarter for my first lost tooth in 1979- can anyone tell me what the going rate is now?!

p.s. If you’re having trouble with the link above (I am), go to your web browser and type in www.oeufnyc.com, and you’ll see the pillow.

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7 Responses to Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Instead of money, we give a book. Usually something ordered on the sly through the school’s Scholastic book orders. I just keep a couple pirated away. MKW

  2. Anonymous says:

    a book? how about a set of encyclopedias? they’re not even sold any more. i promote reading, but save a book for a healthy dental checkup!
    how about $5 for the first tooth and a quarter there after! i pose the same question because my child is in the same situation. this seems realistic to me and my friends.

  3. alexnlulu says:

    In my area, I think it’s about $1 a tooth.

  4. Autumn says:

    Our oldest got a hefty $10 for her first tooth. I was totally caught off guard when she lost it RIGHT AT BEDTIME and didn’t have a smaller bill. We made a huge deal out of it being her first tooth and how special that is. She’s gotten $2 for the rest of them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    $5 for the first, then anywhere from .25 to 1.00 for the rest. We try to mix it up a little.

  6. HudsonHappenings says:

    I Love that pillow
    I would go with $5 for the first & $1 for he rest
    Inflation, ya know!
    I got quarters in the 80's

  7. Robin says:

    first tooth in our house got a gift certificate to Build A Bear. After that I think we went to $1

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