1000 Markets

First, a warning. If you are already addicted to buying handmade products from Etsy.com, you may not want to read any further about 1000 Markets. Or your wallet will be in serious trouble.

Want to read on? 1000 Markets is currently in preview/beta mode (it will have a grand opening later this spring) but you can start shopping now. Like Etsy, 1000 Markets is a place where you can browse hundreds of beautiful handcrafted goods by talented artists. It’s a bit different than Etsy, though. 1000 Markets’ founder Matthew Trifiro says his goal is to have a more personalized online marketplace where “markets” are based by theme, locale, process, or medium, to make for easier browsing. Each “market” also has detailed stories about the craftspeople themselves (sometimes including their own blogs). Sellers must go through a rigorous filtering system, so there is less “junk” than you might find occasionally at Etsy. Like Etsy, you can also search by keyword (“letterpress”, anyone?) And, like at Etsy, you will find way too many things that you just must buy. Now. It’s another indie-shopping-lover’s paradise.

Here’s just a sampling of items from 1000 Markets that I thought you might enjoy:

Seersucker for Sammy overalls ($32) by Figgys. Nothing sweeter than a baby boy in seersucker!

Mahogany Bunny Room Decor ($35) by Greco Woodcrafting. Unique nursery accent.

Chocolate Marshmallows ($4.95) by Jake Bakes. An allergy-friendly bake shop at 1000 Wares…mmm.

Circle of Love Necklace ($40) by Jewelry by Natsuko. Love the rustic look of these charms.

Gift Set: 1 Clip and 1 Clip-and-Carry ($12.50) by Cutesie Clips. Pretty fabric pouches to store all of your daughter’s barrettes. This seller has some very cute clip designs.

Hooked yet? Let the browsing (and buying) begin. Visit 1000 Markets.

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20 Responses to 1000 Markets

  1. grecowoodcrafting says:

    Hi! I wanted to thank you for featuring my bunny 🙂

    Kindest Regards,
    John Greco
    Greco Woodcrafting

  2. 1000 Markets says:

    We were excited to see your article on 1000 markets (www.1000markets.com). Thanks for the nice post.

    Matt Trifiro
    CEO, 1000 Markets

  3. Artrussell says:

    How nice of you to write such a great piece on 1000 Markets. As a merchant there I can vouch for the fact that it’s a fantastic venue for both shoppers and sellers. You chose a great sampler. Wendy Russell

  4. Colleen says:

    Yes, 1000markets is a wonderful marketplace of amazing artisan diversity… Very nice feature!
    It’s Elemental

  5. Lavender Cottage says:

    What a wonderful article about 1000 Markets! It’s great to see the word spreading about this great marketplace. I’m a vendor there, but I love to shop there as well!

    Cheryl Van Dyck
    Lavender Cottage

  6. figgys says:

    WOW! What a great way to start my work day! Thank you so very very much for featuring “Seersuckers for Sammy”. I feel so honored!
    Have a terrific day!
    ps. I agree there are terrific shops on 1000 markets I’m a frequent shopper myself.

  7. SarahKelley says:

    Let the browsing begin indeed:) Thanks for the 1000 Markets feature!!!

  8. Sue Choppers-Wife / http://ninedragons.1000markets.com says:

    I love being a merchant at 1000 Markets and it’s everything you say and more! I have a huge wish list and have bought some very nice items there and I adore the service, quality and personal touch that comes with each purchase (not to mention how great it is to receive something you’re lusting for lol)

  9. cutesieclips says:

    Wow! I feel so honored! Thank you so much for including my Clip and Carry Gift Set in your article! I love 1000Markets and I’m so excited to be here 🙂

  10. Victoria Webb says:

    I’m a painter on 1000Markets and it’s a beautifully designed shopping ‘market’. You’ll feel good about buying there. Besides that, the executive team often personally responds to sellers. You don’t find that kind of hands on touch from the top very often.

    True, the site isn’t quite launched, but people have been selling. I look forward to their long and prosperous life!

    …and thanks for your very nice article~


  11. claire says:

    Great post! Love 1000Markets!

  12. Wendy Romero/Bobs and Bits says:

    I'm a seller at 1000 Markets too & I love it. It's really a beautfilly done marketplace & you're right — there is no junk. : )

  13. Karley says:

    As a happy shopper (I’ve bought something everyday for the past 4 days, LOL) at 1000 Markets, I couldn’t be happier.

    As a merchant, I am ecstatic. It is truly an Indie community a cut above the others and is truly unique.

    Thanks for featuring such a great venue!

  14. ByNanasHands says:

    Thank you for featuring some of 1,000 Markets Merchants…there is some awesome talent there!

  15. Beryl Moody says:

    Nice post about 1000 Markets. It is a really special place for handmade items.

  16. delightw says:

    We actually have a market just for hats…really!

  17. Nicole Leigh says:

    1000 Markets is GREAT! Easy to navigate, and such a great selection of art!!!

  18. accessoryalamode says:

    1000 markets is great. I just opened shop there so now I have to create enough for Etsy and 1000 markets, no problem! :O)

  19. BadCat says:

    How cool that blogged about 1000Markets. Its a gorgeous site that is so easy to navigate.


  20. Lilith Silvermane says:

    Ahem… why? I mean… did you sit there and say… Hey… I bet there is a mom at work that isn't addicted to Etsy enough.. lets give her something more.


    Okay.. I'll play along.. I'm helping the economy right?…

    I'm gonna be poor!

    (Thanks for the info… I'm in LOVE with something else that allows me to help out crafty mom's… because I can glue together Popsicle sticks… that's it!)

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