Best Grandma Ever

In (belated) honor of my mother’s birthday last week, I wanted to mention this Grandma, Tell Me Your Memories memory book, a gift I gave her when my daughter was born. She dutifully filled out every single page of this question-of-the-day book (this in addition to being a super busy Grandma who spends tons of time with her grandkids) and presented it to us on my daughter’s 1st birthday. I am saving it for R. to read when she is older. It is a fantastic account of her (very moving) life and memories, and something that we will always treasure. If there is a grandma in your life who might be willing to answer 365 (short!) questions about her childhood memories, consider buying it for her. It is small and compact and spiral bound, so it’s easy for her to toss in her purse and answer questions when she has a free moment. It’s just $8 at .

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. houseofestrogen says:

    Thanks for the tip! My mom’s birthday is later this month, and that looks like a perfect gift!

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