Save Some For Me

R. is very excited to wear her new “Save Some for Me” tee from just-launched Playground Stylings. This new California-based shop offers 100% organic cotton and totally phthalate-free tees for babies, kids, and grown-ups. The eco-friendly messages are sweet and simple (and, being a kindergartner of the 21st century, R. instantly understood the “Save Some for Me” message when she read it). The shirt feels sooooo soft. Just might have to get one for myself. Browse the selection at Playground Stylings. Kids’ tees cost $22 and are available in sizes up to 6T.

p.s. Some cool trivia- One of the two moms who co-founded Playground Stylings also runs the shop Fox Parlor, whose gift wrap I featured last year around holiday time. Aren’t all of these multi-tasking moms amazing?

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