Bargain Alert: MamaBargains

Last year I told you about this fantastic site, which offers one majorly-discounted trendy kids’ products, just one at a time. You have to grab the deals while they’re online, since the next time you check back, it may be replaced by another item (you’ll be clicking refresh on this site a lot…). Anyway, I’ve visited almost daily for months now, but just made my first purchase- this Cevan Metro Diaper Bag by Allen Avenue. As a city mom to a little boy, I just loooove the light blue color and mod cityscape design. As you can see, it retails at the Allen Avenue online shop for nearly $100; at I scooped it up for about $38! Wow. Wish I could send you that link, but, hey, it’s gone (for now). Keep checking back for this and other treats for yourself (and your babes) at

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3 Responses to Bargain Alert: MamaBargains

  1. Keri says:

    Thanks for the tip… I think I’m hooked!

  2. Anonymous says:

    THANK you I didn’t know about this one! I am hooked on but didn’t know about mammabargains. Can’t wait to pull out the credit card!

  3. mymomshops says:

    Anonymous- thanks for the tip about that’s a great one, too!

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