Bargain Alert: Coupon Chief

Yes, it’s good shopping advice to search for coupon codes online, but if you type in “[store name] coupon code” you are probably inundated with lots of junky coupon sites which don’t actually help you very much. Well, I’ve already told you about one of my most reliable coupon sites (Retail Me Not). Now, I’m adding another one to my short list of “go-to” sites when I’m looking for discounts or free shipping. It’s called Coupon Chief and it just gave me free shipping off a large order (spring weather school uniforms for my daughter…) from Lands End. It has a lot of useful, current coupons for high-quality sites, and their own site itself is polished and easy on the eyes (I hate all of the spammy-looking coupon sites). I will definitely bookmark Coupon Chief for future use- you should, too!

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