Mother’s Day Giveaway #3: Pretty Printing

If you like the preppy look, this giveaway is for you. It’s a $50 gift certificate to Pretty Printing, a small stationery company launched by a former fashionista who worked for Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. Pretty Printing offers high-quality personalized stationery, invitations, and accessories with lots of sporty and nautical themes. The crisp, chic designs are all winners, but these are some of my favorites:

Watermelon Invitations (25 for $60)

Pink Totebag Notepad (2 pads for $38)

Monogrammed Paperweight ($38)

Lattice Navy Notecards (25 for $50)

Win it! One lucky reader will win a $50 gift certificate from Pretty Printing. Here are the contest rules:

1) To enter, please visit Pretty Printing and then leave a comment on THIS post indicating what you might buy with your $50 gift certificate (click on “comments” below).
2) Post your comment by 11:59pm EST, Sunday, May 10th. US addresses only. REMEMBER, you will be able to enter as many of our Mother’s Day Giveaways as you’d like between now and Sunday night. But, please, one entry only per individual giveaway. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
3) One winner will be chosen at random and announced along with all other Mother’s Day Giveaway winners on Monday morning, May 11th.
4) NOTE: If you wish to be notified by e-mail if you win, please include your e-mail address in your comment. Otherwise you must check back on Monday, May 11th to see if you won. Unclaimed prizes are forfeited after 72 hours.

Good luck!

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93 Responses to Mother’s Day Giveaway #3: Pretty Printing

  1. Anonymous says:

    love the invitations- we’re having a moving/farewell party for my son and inviting his kindergarten class!

  2. susannah says:

    love love love the birth announcements–i’d either pick the monkey or the little ladybug…for our little one coming in the fall!

  3. Daniella says:

    I love the monkey thank you cards. I would pick those for my little man’s monkey themed 1st birthday party!

  4. suburban prep says:

    I am in love with the Jack Rogers note cards in the Adult Stationary section. They are perfect for my needs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like the Espadrille cards! Summery and cute!

    Amy in OH

  6. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    I would either get the Espadrille cards or the circle cupcake return labels. They’re both happy!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh. . . I would definitely order a set of the “Tote” notecards from the adult stationery department. One set for myself and another set for a good friend. We’re both addicted to our Lands End canvas tote bags. MKW

  8. SandraJS says:

    I love the Barn invitation. They would be great for my daughter’s farm party this summer!

  9. Elisabeth says:

    I love the Navy Lattice – perfect for the whole family to use!

  10. Asianmommy says:

    I would buy the beach umbrella stationery.

  11. Colleen says:

    I love the gift stickers – so cute and practical!

  12. Gaelle says:

    I would buy the fashionanista cards set.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love the lattice print notecards…so preppy!

  14. Cathy says:

    I love the notepad since I am always making lists! And the paperweight is cute too.

  15. Not So Anonymous Michelle says:

    This is awesome! I really hope to win the $50 so I can buy the Gym Girl birthday party invites for my daughter who will be 4 in June!

  16. MH says:

    I like the LAttice Navy cards!!

  17. Kristen says:

    What a great site, it’s hard to choose one! I love the monogram return address labels, as well as the girl’s party invitations – they will be perfect for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  18. remodel_addict says:

    Love the chain link note pads and stationary!

  19. Taryn says:

    love the notepads- the green lattice one is really cute and the circle cupcake return address labels are really fun too.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. Lauren says:

    I have been trying to find great note pads. The Green Box Monarch are great.

  21. Jenny says:

    love the children’s stationary!

  22. Kelli says:

    There’s a lot to be said about a hand written note. I would get the adult stationary, it is so pretty!

  23. Kristen says:

    love the banner notecards for my little girl…would make great thank you notes!

  24. Lisa says:

    I love the thank you cards…cant have enough of those!!

  25. The Holdaway's says:

    Love the adult stationary the chocolate and blue one!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Definitely some adult stationery! I love good stationery. How cute!

  27. Rebekah says:

    I might buy myself stationery in Pattern 60S TK U. Very pretty.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I like the sailboat children’s stationary.


  29. Alicia says:

    I LOVE the “Ring” Wedding Party Invites!

  30. Lindsey Glass says:

    Ooh! I could totally use the monkey thank you notes!

  31. Jessica says:

    i would love some personalized notecards…so many designs i like!

  32. Tera says:

    definitely the personalized notecards for kids. love the monogrammed options!

  33. Jackie says:

    I love the lattice navy design- so clean and modern!

  34. socialwork4kids says:

    I would order the “girl w/ balloon” birthday invite for my daughter’s birthday. 🙂

  35. 2 Little Irish Boys says:

    I like the clover notecard-green/pink. Perfect for a mom of 2 little Irish Boys!!

  36. judybrittle says:

    I really like the notepads and would get the Princess for my granddaughter and the Airplane for my grandson. Thank you!

  37. Nadine says:

    I’d get some of the notecards!

    nadineandethan at sbcglobal dot net

  38. SL & DJL says:

    I love the preppy stationery! I would have to get the notepads with the tote bag at the top. We have an annual 4th of July block party and I would definitely get the bbq or watermelon invitations!

  39. SL & DJL says:

    I love the preppy stationery! I would have to get the notepads with the tote bag at the top. We have an annual 4th of July block party and I would definitely get the bbq or watermelon invitations!

  40. houseofestrogen says:

    I saw a several different preppy monogram notecards I really love!!!

  41. C&A's mom says:

    Love the lattice navy design!

  42. C&A's mom says:

    Love the lattice navy design!

  43. TABM says:

    The monogram box notes – great for family thank you notes!

  44. Shari says:

    Probably a set of the Princess TK U cards for my little girl, who claims to be a princess and these days calls me “Majesty Mummy”!! And she’s not even 3! 🙂

  45. rissa says:

    love the kids stationary–especially the mixer truck!

  46. Lindsey Williamson says:

    i love the lattice navy notepad. with a monogram, please!

  47. jag says:

    I love the gift tags/stickers. What a great idea for kids gifts. The ice cream label is awesome.

  48. PAXbaby says:

    My youngest really NEEDS thank you cards.. I like the “banner boy” cards the best!

    THANKS! jillian @

  49. Living A Whole Life says:

    They have so many cute things that it would be hard to decide, but I really liked the Wellie notepad/notecards. What a fun site!


  50. jamie says:

    Love the ring stationary for me soon to be sister in law!

  51. Mollie says:

    pretty site! I love the calendar…. sweet, simple, love the vertical shape, and adorable acrylic stand! Also love anything with the cute crab:) Would be happy to win:)

  52. I'm Engaged! says:

    I would buy one of the “expecting” cards and save them for the future!

  53. I'm Engaged! says:

    I would buy one of the “expecting” cards and save them for the future!

  54. Becca says:

    Love love love the Clover Notecards in French Blue!
    beccachristensen at hotmail dot com

  55. Anonymous says:

    I love the Worth Avenue stationery. It’s classic and so pretty.

  56. leung... says:

    It would be so cool to get my son his own personalized stationary. So far I’m torn between the Monkey TK U or the Gumball TK U. Both too cute!

  57. Kim says:

    adore these cards: GUMBALL BOY TK U

  58. Ursula V says:

    With a baby girl on her way in less than 3 weeks, I’d choose the monogram baby dress birth announcements to share her arrival.

  59. Jenna says:

    The martini party invitations would be perfect for my husband’s upcomin 40th!

  60. royaldixie says:

    I like the WOrth Avenue Stationary a lot! THANKS!

    newmommyin08 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  61. BJ says:

    All of the teachers gifts would make nice presents!

  62. Marybeth says:

    I love the kids note cards and the note pads. Its all really cute.

  63. Barb W. says:

    I would buy the fashionanista cards set and the cupcake labels. These are great products, very original! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  64. megankortepeter says:

    I love the beach umbrella stationery

  65. Kristine says:

    I would probably get the adult stationary Clover Notecard in French Blue. Very classy!

  66. Anonymous says:

    I have a thing for paper and I love the girlie birthday invites, especially the pink castle.

  67. Heather says:

    I love the gift stickers! Their prices are so good that I’d use the gift certificate to get a couple of sets to work for the whole family. 🙂

  68. Jane and Jim says:

    I would have to get the Lollie Girl Stationery for children – it’s too cute!
    jwhatley@interfin dot com

  69. smiley says:

    I’d pick the whale notecards in both boy and girl for my kiddos.

  70. hudson umma says:

    love the airplane boy notecards!

  71. dolls123 says:

    I’d get the Monarch PNK-GRN Return Labels


  72. alexnlulu says:

    I love the soccer gift tags!!!!

  73. Brit says:

    I thought the birthday thank you cards for kids were so cute and such a great idea! I also love the pink zebra cards

  74. Tylerpants says:

    The train thank you cards are so cute!

  75. Jenel Okamoto says:

    ice cream or lady bug gift tags are cute. perfect for having something handy!


  76. The Brewster Family says:

    I would definitely order the Big Sis Pram Baby Announcements since we are expecting!


  77. mya174 says:

    Note cards with our family name on them would be awesome!! Gorgeous stationary!

  78. Anonymous says:

    girl with balloon thank yous would be my choice.
    yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

  79. Jen says:

    need invites to my son’s upcoming birthday party–he’ll be 2!

    jenfavre1 (at)

  80. Amanda D of FL says:

    Absolutely adorable! I just love the madras pink children’s stationary along with the monogrammed paperweight!

  81. trixpixel says:

    I love the pretty Princess notepads. So sweet!

  82. Lisa says:

    love the watermelon and the monkey cards.

  83. Colleen says:

    These are perfect! I’d order the preggy mum invites for the baby shower I will be hosting for my best friend!

  84. The Dreamer says:

    love the navy and green border stationary

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  85. lace says:

    The clover notecard in french blue is adorable.

  86. Samantha says:

    I adore the clover notecards and the address labels

  87. HudsonHappenings says:

    I am crazy about stationary. I would get the aduly stationary Ribbon Choc- blue

  88. nightowl says:

    I would get some Lattice orange Notecards, the Ballet notecards and the Flip Flop notecards. I also like the Party Girl Invitations.

  89. Melissa says:

    I have been wanting to get some personalized stationery for my 3 year old who is obsessed with letter writing!

  90. Xenia says:

    I would love to get birthday invitations for my daughter’s next birthday – my favorites are Balloon Girl and Banner Girl.


  91. Rebecca says:

    adorable designs. i really love the children’s stationary. my daughter would love the ice cream sundae and the modern tricycle would be perfect for my son!

    hobokenmu (at) yahoo (dot) com

  92. CMDsMommy says:

    I LOVE the thank you notes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. gfcfmom says:

    I love the circle cupcake return labels.

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