Mother’s Day Giveaway #7: $50 Gift Certificate to Well Dressed Home

When I first started this blog, I stumbled onto Well Dressed Home, a funky California-based boutique featuring modern and affordable home accessories. Some top designers and manufacturers are represented, including Jonathan Adler, Karim Rashid, Umbra, and Roost. I love browsing this site; whether you are looking for a modern hostess gift or a unique birthday gift, you will find something here. So I was thrilled when they offered a $50 gift certificate as a Mother’s Day Giveaway (their first giveaway here at MyMomShops). Here are some of my favorite picks from their collection:

Bamboo Flower-Shaped Cutting Board ($19.95). Great for entertaining, or for everyday kitchen use.

Queen Coasters ($25 for set of 6). As an Anglophile, I would love to use these at my next party.

Anemone Vase by Jonathan Adler ($68). Can’t go wrong with anything by Jonathan Adler. Any arrangement of spring flowers would look beautiful in this vase.

“Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer” Attitude Mirror ($24). I’ve spotted lots of fun mirrors at Well Dressed Home- this one is their latest. A surefire conversation piece.

Win it! One lucky reader will win a $50 gift certificate from Well Dressed Home. Here are the contest rules:

1) To enter, please visit Well Dressed Home and then leave a comment on THIS post indicating what you might buy with your $50 gift certificate (click on “comments” below).
2) Post your comment by 11:59pm EST, Sunday, May 10th. US addresses only. REMEMBER, you will be able to enter as many of our Mother’s Day Giveaways as you’d like between now and Sunday night. But, please, one entry only per giveaway. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
3) One winner will be chosen at random and announced along with all other Mother’s Day Giveaway winners on Monday morning, May 11th.
4) NOTE: If you wish to be notified by e-mail if you win, please include your e-mail address in your comment. Otherwise you must check back on Monday, May 11th to see if you won. Unclaimed prizes are forfeited after 72 hours.

Good luck!

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82 Responses to Mother’s Day Giveaway #7: $50 Gift Certificate to Well Dressed Home

  1. Anonymous says:

    i have such an attitude that i must have that mirror! ahppy moms day to me!

  2. jamie says:

    the oh snap cheese board is adorable!

  3. Daniella says:

    I love the starburst and ribbon clocks!!

  4. Nadine says:

    I like the Elyse clock and the waterlogged watering can.

    nadineandethan at

  5. stacey says:

    the halve bookends!! thanks for introducing me to this store – they have great things!

  6. Jennifer G says:

    I love the Pac-Man Hot Head pot holders!

  7. Lindsey Glass says:

    jonathan adler vases! love them!

  8. MH says:

    The Fringe Dot Vase is cute!! Alot of stuff there is awesome! hard to choose…

  9. Gaelle says:

    The Lilo mirrors are really nice!

  10. Elisabeth says:

    I would totally get the Jonathan Adler vase trio! I love JA stuff!

  11. Ellen C. says:

    I like the vortex fruit bowl. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  12. Anonymous says:

    I see lots of things I want, and the 3-piece serving set is first on the list.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Jackie says:

    I would totally get the starburst clock or maybe the ribbon one! I love clocks! And my house is in desperate need of some time-keeping devices!

  14. Kristine says:

    Cool shop! I really like the relationship frame and the fotofalls!

  15. Not So Anonymous Michelle says:

    My Brit hubby would dig the queen clock or coasters! I love the hot heads kitchen mitts and kitty cat pillows!!

  16. Taryn says:

    I love the sparrow hooks-they had some really cool stuff!

  17. Kristen says:

    I would have to buy two delicious J.A. candles.

  18. Kelli says:

    I think the Adler fish are so cute!!

  19. Beth says:

    I like the Twig Jewelry Rack and wooden bottle openers.

  20. Rebekah says:

    I like the Fringe Dot Vase.

  21. lise says:

    so much cute stuff, but would love to have the growing green set and the bbq branding set.

  22. Kira says:

    I LOVE the Jonathan Adler Vase Trio in Blue

  23. Heather says:

    Another score by mymomshops… my lil ones would love the “souper” superhero spoons which the 80’s lover in me wants the Pacman pot holder… kitsch at its best!

  24. Jane and Jim says:

    I love the coral tray and the aqual memo board…
    jwhatley@interfin dot com

  25. windycindy says:

    They have such a wonderful variety of great items to choose from!
    The Bamboo Heart Cutting Board
    and the Hammered Silver Candlesticks are two favorites of mine.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  26. Tuesday Girl says:

    I love all the unique vases especially the jonathan adler one!

    tuesdayef(at) aol dot com

  27. Lisa says:

    the cutting board is great!!

  28. Katie says:

    I love the queen clock!

  29. the Woodard family says:

    Love the cutting boards and some cute coasters.

  30. Naomi says:

    I’d get the Twig jewelry stand and the Kitty pillow!

  31. Heather says:

    I *love* the Anemone vase by Jonathan Adler! The gift certificate would make it quite a steal!

  32. Bebemiqui says:

    I like the starburst clock!

  33. The Holdaway's says:

    I would love a bamboo cutting board!

  34. Kristen says:

    I love the cutting boards and the serving sets. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  35. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    The infinity clock.

  36. Andrea says:

    I need some frames and Im really liking the tripod frames.

  37. smiley says:

    I could use a new vase with my garden blooming!

  38. Jeanne says:

    I love the Queen Clock!

  39. Brit says:

    The presente timers are super cute and perfect for my “Time out” timer. I also love the heart shaped cutting board. Something fun for me!

  40. Ginny says:

    The Foot in the Door
    Doorstop is very cute!

  41. susannah says:

    love that fruit bowl. really cool site.

  42. Jessica says:

    i think i’d have to go with the ribbon clock…very unique! love it!

  43. judybrittle says:

    I would get these items
    Dust Bunny
    Pug Bank
    Cat Pencil Sharpener
    That would be so wonderful! Thank you

  44. hil says:

    The xtra large wine glass… awesome!

  45. abb says:

    So many nice things – I like the serving tray and kitchen mits. Ashleigh B

  46. hudson umma says:

    i love the cutting board – so unique and a cute addition to the kitchen!

  47. dolls123 says:

    I like the Oh Snap! cheeseboard


  48. alexnlulu says:

    I love the wooden bottle openers shaped liked animals— too cute!

  49. Autumn says:

    I dig the animal bottle openers and the guitar shaped ice stirrers.

  50. SandraJS says:

    I would indulge in the great candles.

  51. BJ says:

    I like the wooden bottle openers and lots of other things in this shop!

  52. houseofestrogen says:

    Love the BBQ branding iron!!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    My deliberations would include bamboo cutting board, vortex fruit bowl, and kitty cat frame. MKW

  54. Mary Avinger says:

    I would probably get a few of the Alam Eco Picture Frames. Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. cdziuba says:

    I’d buy two candles by Jonathan Adler.

  56. oona. says:

    I would buy the Brown Vase Trio by Jonathan Adler, he makes the best housewares!!!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  57. Katie says:

    The Elyse Clock is cool!
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  58. Jessica says:

    I would probably pick the jonathan adler fish! Thanks for the great giveaway! Happy Mother’s Day!

  59. mel says:

    I think I would get the twig jewelry stand.


  60. Karen says:

    I would love to get the “Sealife Covered Tealight” so so cool!!!!

  61. C&A's mom says:

    I love the oh snap cheese board!

  62. C&A's mom says:

    I love the oh snap cheese board!

  63. Jenel Okamoto says:

    I’d do the Tokey Dustpan and brush and the hot head kitchen mits!


  64. The Brewster Family says:

    I would have to get the bamboo heart cutting board and the high heel shoe door stop – too funny!


  65. mya174 says:

    Bamboo cutting board, the Pac-man silicone mitts are awesome!!

  66. Sara says:

    The Hammered Silver Candlesticks are gorgeous.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan Adler
    Vase Trio Blue is nice.
    yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

  68. Cathy says:

    I like the twig jewelry stand and the cheese tray.

  69. Jen says:

    That “take a picture” mirror would be so awesome in my little girl’s room–such a princess already!

    jenfavre1 (at)

  70. Melanie says:

    I really like the different candles they have. I would love to win one of those!

  71. Amanda D. of FL says:

    I love the “Queen pillow” as well as the fruit bowl and “James the Bookend.” So many cute things!!

  72. Lisa says:

    I would buy the twig jewelry stand and the mermaid bracelet. Love it all


  73. The Dreamer says:

    I love the Hot Head Kitchen Mitts!

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  74. lace says:

    I like the crown hooks. So cute for a powder room

  75. Sara says:

    I love the Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set and the Koi Toy.

  76. Samantha says:

    oopps left my comment in the wrong place…..I love the black queen clock, perfect for any room

  77. HudsonHappenings says:

    Cute site!
    I like the pillows. My playroom couch could use some new pillows.

  78. nightowl says:

    I like the Queen Clock in black.

  79. cpullum says:

    I would like to buy the Starfish Tealight if I won!

  80. gfcfmom says:

    I would buy the Bamboo Flower-Shaped Cutting Board–definitely.

  81. Becca says:

    The Embroidered Pillows would look great in my living room!

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