MyMomShops Giveaway: Outdoor Toys from Gift Hero

Last month, I introduced you to Gift Hero, a new site that makes buying kids’ birthday gifts super easy. It was founded by two NYC moms who, like me, realized they were always frantically buying gifts to keep up with the steady stream of birthday parties (and then wondering whether those gifts were even any good). Gift Hero takes the guesswork out for you by offering a hand-picked selection of kid-pleasers (which happen to be parent-pleasers, too) ranging from preschool puzzles to felt playsets to science kits. You can search by age, gender, or price (let’s hear it for the $20 and under category). Gift Hero gifts are shipped in unique eco-friendly gift bags ($3 extra) which you can use for another gift or keep for yourself (R. stores dollhouse furniture in hers…). There is free shipping on orders over $75 so you can buy several gifts at a time to keep as an emergency “stash” (a trick I use, too). And, as an extra special touch in this economy, a portion of each sale is donated to carefully selected NYC-area children’s charities which are in greater need than ever.

Just in time for summer, Gift Hero has added a slew of winner outdoor toys, including these two which we are giving away today:

Kids Watering Can Kit ($20). Maybe it’s because my kids are city kids, but when we go to “the country” (aka my parents’ house in the ‘burbs), they can’t get enough of “gardening” (i.e. watering the plants and flowers in the yard). They would love this gardening set by Toysmith which includes a sturdy metal watering can, garden gloves, trowel, rake and shovel.

We’re also giving away (to a separate winner) this Safari Adventure Mini Golf Set ($30). Who doesn’t love mini golf? I’d love to try this myself. This colorful set works well both indoors and outdoors and is child-friendly with flexible, foam construction. Includes 2 putters, 2 balls, and 4 obstacles.

Need some more gift ideas for those spring and summer birthday parties? Visit Gift Hero.

Win it! Two MyMomShops readers will win prizes from Gift Hero. One reader will win the Watering Can Kit ($20) and the other will win the Mini Golf Set ($30). Here are the contest rules:

1) To enter, please comment on THIS post (click on “comments” below), indicating which prize(s) you’d like to enter to win (either one or both) AND what your favorite toy at Gift Hero is.
2) Post your comment by 11:59pm EST Thursday, May 21st, 2009. One entry per person, please. US addresses only.
3) One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday morning, May 22nd.
4) NOTE: If you wish to be contacted by e-mail if you win, please include your e-mail address in your comment. Otherwise you must check back on Friday to see if you won. Unclaimed prizes are forfeited after 72 hours.

Good luck!

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128 Responses to MyMomShops Giveaway: Outdoor Toys from Gift Hero

  1. Abby says:

    The mini golf set looks super fun! Also since we are super crafty at our house the learning how to make your own headbands would be awesome!

    ajcmeyer AT go DOt com

  2. Jenna says:

    I deleted my last comment because I changed my mind…my favorite toy at the site is definitely the morphibian rover! There are lots of great toys there and it is a good idea. I have 2 kid birthdays I have to buy gifts for this week alone. I would love to win the mini golf set!

  3. windycindy says:

    What a great site they have. I love how one can pick exactly the type of gift they are needing. Very easy to navigate. Our two sons would enjoy the Mini Golf Set. Too cute!
    I also like the Zolo-A-Go-Go toy.
    Please enter my name in your fun giveaway prize drawing.
    Many thanks! Cindi

  4. Becca says:

    I think my daughter would love the RC toys. I’d probably choose the school bus for her.

    Please enter us for both prizes, as she would be thrilled with either one.

    beccachristensen at hotmail dot com

  5. Kelli says:

    We are always outside during the summer working in our garden. The watering can would be so fun for my kids!

  6. Kristine says:

    My little one would have fun with the BugBonz and my older one with the ExoBonz. What a great site with great ideas!

    We’d be thrilled to win either one of the prizes!

  7. Meredith says:

    Oh, the golf set would be perfect! My daughter (3) has been trying to use daddy’s huge clubs in the back yard–this would be so fun!

  8. Naomi says:

    I’d love to win either but I think my kids would love to play the Mini Golf together instead of fighting over the watering can…

    I think they’d like the Krinkles case, too!

  9. susannah says:

    love the watering can–my little guy is obsessed with water these days…
    i also like the recycling truck too!

  10. Meredith says:

    We would love the gardening set, too–didn’t realize I needed to enter for both!

  11. suzannah says:

    We just planted seeds this weekend! My daughter would love the watering can to keep her sunflowers and nasturtiums growing!

  12. Leo's Mom says:

    I love both of the toys on the post. On the site, I like the morphibian rover.

  13. Not So Anonymous Michelle says:

    What a fun site!! MY daughter would LOVE either prize but probably especially the safari golf!

  14. Aura says:

    My son would really enjoy the golf set. The amphibious rover looks like another toy he would like.
    aahaft at gmail dot com

  15. The Holdaway's says:

    We would like to win either set! My favorite toy is the dart set.

  16. Jane says:

    Oh no, lost my whole post! Well, want to enter for both (my kids would love either one)

    and my fav gift is the exobonz, think my son (and his cousins) would have a blast with this!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please enter me for both prizes, though the watering can is my favorite.

    I think the Superstructs Big Builder set is awesome.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. ProjectHope7 says:

    would love to win the mini golf set for the kids or friends children…so much to choose from at the site…that i had a few faves. guess 2 of the best were the geo safari microscope and the young artists paint set. thanks for doing this review!
    cathy b
    projecthope7 at g mail dot com

  19. Lorri says:

    We like BugBonz! Either set would be fine- we like both of them 🙂

  20. HudsonHappenings says:

    This kid size watering can is just what the Dr ordered.
    I worry that my 3.5 year old will get a hernia trying to carry around the big one :O)

  21. Nadine says:

    I’d love to win either toy. My favorite item on the site is the geosafari microscope. My kids would love that.

    nadineandethan at sbcglobal dot net

  22. MH says:

    Bugbonz looks fun!! I’d like to enter for both!

  23. Tylerpants says:

    I’d like to win the Mini Golf Set for my son. The Geosafari Microscope is really cool!


  24. Anonymous says:

    I think either one is adorable and perfect for my two-year-old grandbaby! NannyG (pshunt at gmail dot com)

  25. shannon says:

    I would like either one and think the sand play set looks great.

  26. hsprague says:

    love the gardening set and good night moon game. thanks!

  27. ktgonyea says:

    My son would LOVE the mini golf set 🙂

    ktgonyea at

  28. Qwill says:

    I would like to win the kids watering can set. The kids gardening set looks ultra cute too. qwills2cat

  29. suburban prep says:

    while either prize would be wonderful I think that the little ones in my life might prefer the mini golf Safari adventure.

    the other item at the site that I know that the little men in my life would love is the FDNY Play Set.
    They are all about firetrucks.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  30. rbailey1958 says:

    I liked the princess dress-up doll & puzzle set.
    I would like 2 win the golf set


    look fun for either- mini golf first choce

  32. Sher says:

    I like both, the watering can and golf game! My kids would be thrilled to receive either one! I like the Little Doctor Kit at Gift Hero! Reminds me of the one I had as a kid.


  33. Anonymous says:

    If I were shopping, I would select the slice-and-bake cookie set. If I were winning. . . I would pick the little golf game. MKW

  34. abb says:

    The total tool kit would be great. Either prize would be great for my little one. Ashleigh B

  35. peg42 says:

    What adorable toys. I like the Tea Set. Really cute.
    I’d like to enter for either prize. Both are wonderful and my kids would love either one.
    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.

  36. Amanda McGhee says:

    Love the golf set. My 2.5 yr old loves golf. This would help him work on his putt!

    pandairwin at yahoo dot com

  37. devoured says:

    Gotta get em started on golf early lol 🙂 Very cool

  38. Pat T says:

    My 5 yo boy loves the Superstructs – he loves to build. Please enter us for both the prizes. my kids would love the golf set and we are just now planting our veggie garden.

  39. tutugirl says:

    They have lots of great games, but right now, my oldest is really into dragons so he would love the Dragonology Book.

    tutucuteforme (at) hotmail (dot) com

  40. Rivki says:

    Would love to win the mini golf set!
    I love the Balloon Powered Vehicle Set- sounds like something my daughter would have a blast with!

  41. CDStardust says:

    My son would love for ne to win the mini golf set!
    Another toy I like is the Milk and Cookies game, I know my son would like that too! Thanks for the giveaway!

    chanstraz at gmail dot com

  42. smiley says:

    I’d love to enter the mini golf set for some summer fun. My favorite gift is “Take apart a crane”- perfect for my busy boy!

  43. Meredith says:

    I think the “Slice and Bake Cookie Set” would be a great gift for my cousin’s twins.

  44. Nad says:

    I like the Magic School Bus Science Kit: Soaring into Flight, and I’d love to win the mini-golf set. Thanks for the chance!

    treflea4 at gmail dot com

  45. clc408 says:

    My nephew loves to garden and he also loves sports, so either prize would suit him. I thin he’d also like the Geosafari Microscope. Thanks for the chance.

  46. Danielle a.k.a Yellie says:

    I think they are both great, but I like the watering can set best! Thank you for the chance to win!

    The Amphibious Rover on the site is really cool too!

  47. clenna says:

    I love both sets. My grand daughter would love them.

  48. hminnesota says:

    my choice would be mini golf set. and another product of my choice is sand play set .thanks

  49. Aimee says:

    M. would love the mini golf set! He loves to play golf out in the country (aka my FIL’s house) with daddy! It would be great to have a golf set in his size.
    I love most of the toys from Gift Hero, but my favorite is the RC School Bus. We have the RC Fire Truck and it gets a lot of miles!

  50. Kyra says:

    I’d love to win the mini golf set for my son! I also like the Morphibians Rover. Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. Linda says:

    We would enjoy both the Safari Adventure Mini Golf Set and the Watering Can. We would choose the Soccer Guys, my grandson loves soccer!

  52. Jennifer R. says:

    Would love to win Golf game. Favorite game from your site is Mancala. 🙂

  53. Sharon says:

    My daughter would love the Dalmation Vet Kit, but I love the gardening set. We’d be thrilled to win either of the toys in your giveaway – thanks!

  54. Ursula V says:

    I really like the Eeboo memory games. I purchased one for my nephew and it was a hit. Please include me in both entries for the watering kit and the adorable mini golf set. This one is sure to be a hit on family vacations!

  55. Jeanne says:

    We would love either prize – my daughter has been talking about watering cans a lot and the minature golf set would be fun.

  56. quiltingreader says:

    I’d like to win the Kids Watering Can Kit. My favorite toy is the Tea Set.

  57. Andrea says:

    I think every little one needs the own watering can count us in!

  58. cdziuba says:

    I would be happy to win either and I love the MARIE VET CAGE! Please contact via email at

  59. kdkdkd says:

    I would love to win the mini golf set for my boys. I love the Art Book to Go, perfect for my little artist to use in the car

  60. Chris says:

    I would love to be entered for both prizes!

    My boys would love the Fast Car Race Cars!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  61. jennem says:

    As another city mom, I’d be ecstatic with either prize for my 5-year-old! I also like the Fairies and Magical Creatures Pop-up Book
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  62. dolls123 says:

    I like both and my fav from the website is Zolo-A-Go-Go


  63. cstironkat says:

    Either toy would be nice. I also like the Under the Sea Constructibles Building Set.

  64. traymona says:

    I’d like to win the golf set for the kiddos. And my favorite item from Gift Hero is the Young Artist
    Learn to Paint Set.

  65. Jocelyn says:

    LOVE the mini golf set. I also think the Build a Road gift is great. Love that you can shop by age and price. Great idea!

  66. Kristie says:

    If I were to win, I would love the Mini Golf Set!
    I also love the My First RC
    Buggies – Lady Bug at Gift Hero!

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  67. Audra says:

    We are outside all the time at our house and both toys look like they could provide hours of fun! Our first pick would be the golf- I think my son would love the RC bus from Gift Hero.

  68. Rita M says:

    I’d love the watering can set.

  69. Tricia Moreno says:

    I like both prizes, my daughter loves to help me in the garden so the watering can would be first choice. I also like the Little Doctor Kit.

  70. Heidi says:

    The watering can would be great to win! I also like The Sand Play Set looks fun too!

  71. Stacey says:

    With 3 kids we can never have enough watering cans….you know how much they love to “help!” Thanks for the opportunity!


  72. dddiva says:

    I think either would be great, and my favorite toy from Gift Hero is the Take-A-Part-Crane

  73. samsakara says:

    My son would enjoy the My First RC
    GoGo Auto – School Bus. I think he would enjoy the watering can set.

  74. Kim says:

    I’d love the watering can kit – and I love: Wood-Like Soft Blocks
    80 pc. Set

  75. mogrill says:

    I like the Princess doll and Puzzle set. Thanks for the chance.

  76. Jenel Okamoto says:

    I like the watering can best since my daughter loves to garden with my Mom.

    My favorite toy on the site is the felt pretty princess set.


  77. Jammie says:

    I would like to win the kids water can kit and i like the Kid’s Garden Tote with Tools from there site maybe if my daughter had her own tools she would help me hah

  78. Pam says:

    I love the tea set!! Thanks.


  79. Marissa says:

    What a great site! My husband and I have a thing for mini golf, so I’d definitely choose that. My two year son would probably love the sand toy play set as well.

  80. banu says:

    I would like to win mini golf set for my daughter Mira… She will love it 🙂

  81. judybrittle says:

    I would love either one. They are both great! I also like the My First Dress-Up Doll. Thank you!
    judybrittle at gmail dot com

  82. erma says:

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  83. jceko77 says:

    My fave toy is the remote control ladybug, and I would love to win both of these toys

  84. tatertot374 says:

    Thank you for a great giveaway. I also like the recycling truck. I would love to win both of these for my 3 children. Thank you

  85. paula h says:

    I would love the Dalmation Vet Kit for my kids.

    Please enter me for the Golf Set.


  86. Sherry R says:

    I would love the mini golf set! My favorite at Gift Hero is the The Superhero Starter Kit!

    jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

  87. Andrea says:

    My boys would love the golf set. I also like the Magic School Bus Science Kits that they offer. Thanks!

  88. Xenia says:

    My daughter would love either, but I think the Watering Can Kit would be a bigger hit. I also think the Birthday Party toy would be a lot of fun, ever since her last birthday she’s been big into blowing out pretend candles on pretend cake so this would be even better!


  89. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to be entered for both please(I’m going to put whatever I win, if I win, in MY gift closet!) and my FAVORITE gift is the adorable My First RC Buggies Lady Bug! How cute is that thing?!
    yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

  90. jeanine says:

    i’d love to be entered for both. i have 2 boys, a girl and a surprise on the way in july. i also like the lady bug rc car. too cute!

  91. ellie says:

    My little grandson would love both the gardening set and the golf set, but probably the golf set more. So please enter me for the golf set.
    I also really love the amphibious rover. I know that would be a hit at our house.
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  92. sara l. says:

    My little man loves to help me in the garden so he would flip over the Watering Can Kit…I also love the Kid’s Garden Tote! They have some really neat things!

  93. tlcfromtn says:

    Either one of these would be great.
    Another product I like is the Monster Trucks. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  94. Anonymous says:

    If I won, I would choose the miniature golf set.

    I like the recycling truck for my son, and the Dalmation vet kit for my daughter.

    Thank you,

  95. sherri419 says:

    What a great site! I love sites that are split up by age, gender,and price! I really like the Paper Dolls In-a-Box Princess Castle! Both prizes are great, but I really like the golf set! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  96. Christy says:

    I would love to win the Safari Adventure mini Golf Set. My favorite outdoor toy from their store is: The Balloon Powered Vehicle Set.

    Thank you.


  97. georgie c says:

    Either one.
    World Traveler Dress-Up Doll


  98. jayne says:

    My littleone would love the gardening set!

  99. cindiizzy says:

    I would like to win the Safari golf set. Ilike the Save the Earth set.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  100. Kyndra says:

    I would like to have the Watering Can set! I also like the Green Toy Gardening Kit.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  101. Garner5 says:

    My boys would love to win either set! My favorite toy from Gift Hero is the Geosafari Microscope.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  102. trixpixel says:

    I’d love to win the Mini Golf Set, the Slice and Bake Cookie Set looks like fun too!

  103. oona. says:

    I like the GeoSafari Microscope, my little scientist would have a lot of fun with it. I would like to win the Watering Can set!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  104. Jinxy and Me says:

    I would like to win the Mini Golf. I also like the Good Night Moon Game.

  105. Lindsay says:

    I think my daughter would love to have the watering can kit. I think the best item I found on their site was the Flower Hour Watch. I may have to go buy that for my daughter

  106. Julie says:

    What a fun site, thanks for sharing. If my name is drawn, I would love the watering can for my son. He gets such a kick out of “helping” me in the garden. My daughter loves playing with felts, so I also think the Felt Tales products look pretty fun.

  107. NesieBird says:

    My daughter really loves to “play” golf. The mini golf set is my choice. kneecree at gmail dot com

  108. Dave says:

    My nephews would have great fun with both of these prizes, playing mini-golf, or helping grandma and grandpa water the garden. I also like the Morphibians Rover on the gift hero website – a tough little Radio control car. Thank you for the fun give-away.

  109. Ellen C. says:

    I’d choose the mini golf set. I also like “kids on stage”. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  110. mom2anutball says:

    I like the My First RC
    GoGo Auto – School Bus
    And I would love either of them, my kids would love both! Thanks for the chance! hawkgirl_16 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  111. quelleheure4 says:

    My first choice would be the mini golf set because we LOVE mini golf but I’d like to be entered for both.

    From Gift Hero, my fave item is 24 piece Counting Creatures floor puzzle.


  112. sweetsue says:

    The My Soft World Castle is something my fairy tale loving granddaugter would enjoy. Of the two, I think we would like the mini golf the best!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  113. Stephanie J H says:

    the watering can! I need help in the garden! I love the whole gardening tote they have for kids 🙂

  114. kathy pease says:

    id love the watering can kit and i love the Superstructs Big Builder
    126 pc

  115. Marie says:

    My kids would honestly enjoy either toy — they love to garden and they would have fun playing golf as well. As far as other toys at Gifthero — my son would be over the moon about the amphibious rover!

  116. Miranda says:

    I would like either one.. And My kids would love the Under the Sea Constructibles Building Set

  117. 37 Questions says:

    I love the sand play kit, and we would love either of the toys in the contest!

    jjdragonfly [at] gmail [dot] com

  118. Jennifer G. says:

    I like the mini golf set. I also like the Melissa & Doug Wooden Race Cars. They are really cute and I know tht my son would love them.

  119. Noggy says:

    The Barefoot Book of
    Fairy Tales
    Also love the Tea Set but she is not there yet. Bit of a tomboy like me.

    The Safari Adventure Mini Golf Set would be perfect for Zoey to play golf with her daddy.

  120. Greentechmama says:

    mini golf please. my kids would love the magic school bus science kits! Thanks for the chance to win.

  121. Angela says:

    I’d like to enter to win both. My favorite gift is the Save the Earth Set!

  122. Gianna says:

    I love the Geosafari Microscope.
    Please enter me for both 🙂

  123. Helen says:

    I’d like to be entered to win both. My favorite toy is the Recycling Truck.

  124. Leah says:

    I soooo love the Automoblox Mini 3 Pack! Soooo cute and perfect for my ds! : )))

    And, please enter us for both prizes. Either one would be magical!

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  125. Heather says:

    I think both are great.
    Really like the BeadTastic Flower Bead Kit!

  126. Donna says:

    I would like to enter for both. I like the Magic School Bus Science Kit: Soaring into Flight.

  127. The Dreamer says:

    My son would love either one, but probably prefer the golf set. 🙂 We also love the Morphibians Rover

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  128. Melissa says:

    Please enter me for both prizes! From their site I love the My First RC
    Buggies Lady Bug and the tea set!

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