Those Were the Days

Note: This is a re-post from 2007, but I wanted to share it again for new readers, now that my 2 year old son is thoroughly enjoying the “old” Sesame Street DVDs too. In fact, I think they get better with age…and on Amazon the price ($27.99) is even cheaper now.

My parents bought their first color TV in 1969 so that my older sister, then an infant, would be able to watch Sesame Street when the landmark show premiered on PBS. Almost 4 decades later (yikes), I am having a blast watching Sesame Street Old School: Volume 1, 1969-1974 on DVD with my own little girl. The set of 3 DVDs is absolutely amazing and so much fun to watch, both for today’s kiddies and their Gen X parents. Imagine a time when there was no Elmo. When production value was endearingly low-budget. When Oscar the Grouch was actually orange, not green (yes, in the first season). The set has terrific sketches and complete first episodes from each of the first 5 seasons. Classic sketches include “Bein’ Green,” “Rubber Duckie,” “Here is Your Life,” and guest appearances feature Bill Cosby, Lena Horne, Carol Burnett, and others. Remember the pinball number count and the baker who tumbles down stairs with cream pies? I loved those in the 70s and R. loves them now. Hearing her belt out “Two chocolate cream pies!!!” is adorable and takes me right back to my bell-bottom-clad childhood. Ah, the good ‘ole days. Available for $34.99 at

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