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Dear MyMomShops,

One of my coworkers is having her first baby, a girl, and I would like to get her something that is not on her registry. She’s a dear and close friend as well as a coworker. Do you have any suggestions for a gift for a first time mom? I’m not a mom so I don’t know what kind of things you really need. Could you give me two or three suggestions? I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you so much,
T. Wolfe, VA

Dear T. Wolfe,

Here are some of my all-time favorite baby gifts for a first-time mom- what I like about these is that in addition to being sentimental keepsakes, they actually are all quite practical items the new mom will use again and again. I’ve picked items from a range of price points, too:

1) Fill in the Blankie ($39 and up). This unique blanket, which can be personalized with custom text on all four sides, is my favorite baby gift ever in the over-$25 category. It’s lightweight and perfect to use for daily strolls with a newborn in the spring or summer.

2) And, in the under-$25 category, this personalized baby block ($15.95) from Craft-E-Family is my top choice (makes a great add-on gift, too). Lots of moms put theirs on display on shelves in their child’s nursery.

3) A personalized canvas tote from LL Bean is a classic gift that you can fill with other items like towels, blankets, or toys. Get the medium-sized open top tote ($20) with long handles and Mom can use it as an everyday diaper bag/toddler tote for several years.

4) Baby Book Baskets. This company makes very classy gift baskets with books that are customized according to the baby’s age, gender, and even name (we got this as a baby gift for my son and several books featuring his name were included). New moms always appreciate a “starter library” as a baby gift, and the baskets can be used as nursery storage. Prices start at $60.

5) Overstuffed Personalized Gift Tote from This is a deluxe, ready-made version of idea #3. It’s not cheap, but considering how many beautiful personalized items are stuffed inside (burp cloths, sweater, bathrobe, and blanket), it’s a good value and a definite “wow” gift. On sale for $189, regularly $229.

Happy Shopping!


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