Happy Graduation

My daughter graduated kindergarten yesterday and I can not even begin to process the flood of emotions, given what she and I have been through together in the past few years. Suffice to say there were many happy tears. Ever the wise opportunist, R. asked me for a special graduation present, and I happily obliged. She is really into sticker mosaics these days (thanks to my dear friend ERM who introduced them to her last year) so I gave her this Sticky Mosaics Jewels by Numbers Set by The Orb Factory. It has five different designs you can make using the colorful self-adhesive foam tiles or jewels. She has already hung the first one up on her bedroom wall. Sticky Mosaics are a wonderful, quiet activity and something that you can really enjoy doing with your child (I find them quite relaxing). I’ve seen these sets in stores for as much as $20 but at My Breyer Horses, oddly, there is a nice selection (designs for both boys and girls) of Sticky Mosaics by the Orb Factory for significantly less (the one shown here is just $13.95). Makes a great gift for the 5-and-up set!

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2 Responses to Happy Graduation

  1. Pure and Honest Kids says:

    I bought this for my 6 year-old niece for Christmas and she loved it! In fact, she wants another one for her birthday! (And her mom loves it, too…you are right about hours of quiet fun!)

  2. Aimee Friedrich says:

    we got this for our daughter for Christmas too. she loves it! so do her brothers too actually. I need to get some boy versions. 🙂

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