National Stationery Show: Home Decals by Graphique de France

Again, I’m not sure why some product categories seem to show up big-time at the National Stationery Show (wall decals??) but I’m not complaining. Among the many wall decal companies I saw recently, the Home Decals by Graphique de France stood out for having the best designs without being too cutesy. I would enjoy putting any of these up in my home. The prices are very reasonable too, starting at just $13.95 per set. They will be available for purchase online starting in August 2009 at Graphique de France.

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One Response to National Stationery Show: Home Decals by Graphique de France

  1. M Sharper says:

    Great post. I was at this show and noticed the same thing – wall decals were big. My favorite is personalized stationery.

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