I am headed to Boston this Friday (with R. and S. in tow) for my 15th college reunion. Boy, am I starting to feel old. When I graduated college in 1994, I had big hair, big glasses, and no e-mail account. Times sure have changed! Fortunately, so have I. And, recently I treated myself to some new clothing and shoes, which I think I will wear to the reunion. I’ve lost weight recently (down a clothing size…) so I am especially excited to wear these:

Deep Blue Pleated Scoopneck Jersey Dress ($69) from Ann Taylor Loft. The dress not only looks fantastic but is so comfortable and impossible to wrinkle- great for travelling!

Jewelled Sandals ($98) from Boden. I’ve worn these a few times already and I love ‘em. R. calls them “mommy’s princess shoes.” Cute.

Stay tuned…maybe I’ll post some photos. ;-)

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4 Responses to Reunion!

  1. Aimee Friedrich says:

    I've been eying both of those up lately. have fun!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You go girl! Have fun and I'd love to see pictures.

  3. Stephanie says:

    That dress is gorgeous. Yes, please do post photos. That would be fun.

    I hope you have a wonderful time at your reunion. :)

  4. Asianmommy says:

    Cute sandals!

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