Wooed by Muu

When I spotted this incredible new modern nursery furniture in the window of the Giggle store on Lexington Avenue, I knew I had to find out who made it. It’s by Muu, which is made here in the United States by a woodworking family with over 30 years of experience. The debut line, called the “Sam” collection, is named in honor of the founder Robert Kwak’s grandfather Sam, who sold children’s shoes at his store in Brooklyn, NY. Since my whole family comes from Brooklyn and since I, too, had a beloved Grandpa Sam (whom my son is named for), I like it even better!

The “Sam” collection consists of several pieces- crib, changing table, dresser, storage unit, nightstand, and twin bed- all made from sustainable wood. Each has unique changeable design panels that you can mix, match, and even personalize (ready for baby #2? just order new panels!) At the Giggle store they just had a few samples to view, but on the Muu site you can “test drive” various panels in different color combos, with or without your child’s name custom printed on the panel. Have fun playing around on the site- you will be hooked.

The only downside is that gorgeous custom furniture like this costs money. The twin bed, for example, costs $1250. Too bad. I am getting ready to turn S’s nursery into his “big boy” room now that he is turning 3. And I know he’d love the traffic design panels. Oh well, a mom can dream.

Go get some furniture inspiration at Muu.

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2 Responses to Wooed by Muu

  1. smiley says:

    Wow, wow, wow. Beautiful stuff…

  2. twinmom says:

    where is the least expensive place to buy “big boy beds” – looking for dark wood – pottery barn or land of nod like without the price tag – esp since I’m buying x 2?

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