Fall Preview: Mini Boden

I’m having so much fun doing quick scans of the new fall clothes by some of my favorite kids’ clothing companies. Here are my finds from Mini Boden:

Girls’ Spotty Coat ($88). Matches my grown-up Boden coat from last Fall!

Boys’ Rugby Shirt ($42) Boden makes the beefiest, comfiest boys’ tops- I’ve been lucky to get some as hand-me-downs (thanks, Stacey).

Baby Knee Patch Trousers ($28). Another item of baby clothing that makes you go “oooooh”…and this one is unisex, making it hand-me-down-worthy.

Want to see more? Visit Boden’s fall preview.

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3 Responses to Fall Preview: Mini Boden

  1. Asianmommy says:

    Love this coat!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mini Boden produces and offers best Boden Coupons that help to save our money and get best available and customer wanted products. I love it to buy my child's clothes from Boden!

  3. jfmarcellus says:

    Are my kids the only ones who won't wear cute but wool coats?

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