Man on the Moon

With the 40th anniversary of the moon landing approaching, kids’ clothing site Peek…Aren’t You Curious has debuted a collection of “1st heroes” t-shirts honoring heroes in American history who accomplished great things for the 1st time. My favorite tee is this one ($28) which I’d love to put on my own little hero. Which one do you like best? Visit Peek…Aren’t You Curious.

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2 Responses to Man on the Moon

  1. Lauren says:

    Looks great! I have another way to commemorate this occasion to share with you!

    I have just discovered this amazing documentary called Moonwalk One-The Director’s Cut that was initially filmed in 1969. It is an amazing account of the Apollo 11 space mission in which man first walked on the moon! Not only does it capture the scientific accomplishments, but it also serves as an outstanding time capsule of society at the time and their reactions!

    Forty years later, it turns out that the original director, Theo Kamecke, has the only pristine copy of the original 35mm film. Never before released to the public for home viewing, the film has been restored to a spectacular high-definition wide screen masterpiece with an all new soundtrack!

    Make sure to get your copy in time for the 40th anniversary of man walking on the moon! I got my copy at, and you can also orider it at and This is a great film for students, teachers, enthusiasts, families, and more. No matter your interest, this film will not be a bore!

    Best wishes,

  2. Vanessa Lee says:

    omg! i found this store at fashion valley mall in san diego and am inlove with everything they have. i really enjoy reading your posts with all your great finds!

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