An eBeanstalk Coupon Code for You

I have a coupon code for that I am not using; I’m not sure how many times it will work for other people, but it’s worth a try! It’s “THANKYOU15%” and it saves you 15% on an order before September 1, 2009. Wondering what you’d buy? Here are two ideas:

I just spotted eBeanstalk’s Pushing Car ($159.95) by Haba. How much fun is this?? If you’ve got two kids, one can push and one can enjoy the ride, then they can switch (yeah, right). There’s a two-position adjustable handle, seat cushion and removable fabric pockets for toting little treasures, too. And the rubber wheels won’t destroy your floors!

Setting your sights a bit (s)lower? How about this super-cool, eco-friendly Pirate Ship by Plan Toys ($54.95)>? My sister gave this to S. for his birthday and it is a hit with both of my kids (in fact, I like playing with it too).

Visit and try out coupon code “THANKYOU15%” for 15% off orders placed by September 1, 2009. Enjoy!

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  1. twinmom says:

    the pirate ship is out of stock:(

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