Inkspot Workshop

One of my favorite Etsy shops for personalized stationery is Inkspot Workshop and now it has own spiffy online shop here, featuring “hand crafted paper goodies that make you smile.” Not surprisingly, the new site is pure eye candy and I’m sure you will love almost everything you see there. I sure do. Here are some of my favorite new items. The designs are so fresh and playful!

Pinwheel Calling Cards (set of 24 with a tin for $18)

Airplane Gift Tags (set of 12 for $9)

Ansley Initial Folio Set (18 cards plus folio for $36)

Birdie Baby Shower Invites( set of 12 for $23.50)

For a limited time only, use code “0809” to enjoy a 25% discount on your order at Inkspot Workshop. Valid on orders of $15 or more only.

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2 Responses to Inkspot Workshop

  1. FrenchGardenHouse says:

    Beautiful designs, colors that make me happy…thanks, I'm going over there to check it out!
    xo Lidy

  2. Inkspot Workshop says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out!! The site was a labor of love and well worth it. So glad you are enjoying my new goodies:)

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