Memorable Moments

I sat down today to write S. his annual birthday letter, an idea I got from Making Memories- Creating Memories for Your Family that Last a Lifetime, a book by Josie Bissett (yes, the actress from Melrose Place). I received this book as a gift from my cousin Cheryl when my first child was just an infant, and I’ve been using the ideas inside of it ever since. As a sentimental mom who loves celebrating all the sweet moments in her kids’ lives, I’ve enjoyed tips like writing the annual birthday letter (sealed for them to read when the are older) or taking them for a special meal after their 1st or last day of school. It’s a great way to remember to savor the little moments, and to preserve the big ones, too. This makes a lovely gift for a new or expecting mom (or dad)! $11.96 at a

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you bought me this AWESOME book 5 years ago next week when my big S. turned ONE.
    thank you! have a great day celebrating life with S and R

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