Boogie Baby Blanket

Jennifer G., a long-time reader of this blog and mom to two little boys, sent in a picture of this Boogie Baby Blanket she received for her infant son. Though I received many blankets myself for my two kids, I never got one like this and I wish I had. It’s a sort of “build-a-blanket” where you (or the gift-giver) picks out everything from the design to the fringe color to the personalization. Jennifer says it is super-soft and has a magic effect on her little boy- and from the picture, it seems that is true. Looks like a good nap blanket for an older child, too. The blankets are handmade and are available in five sizes, starting at $50. Visit the Boogie Baby Store.

Thanks for the tip, Jennifer!

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3 Responses to Boogie Baby Blanket

  1. Aimee K. says:

    Those are great blankets! It looks so comfy! Another good one is from Little Moon Jumper. They make awesome baby gifts. We never got one when M. was born, but he loved taking naps on his best friend's Little Moon Jumper blanket!

  2. Moo G Clips says:

    that looks like a great blanket. another awesome one that I LOVED when i received it after my daughter was born –
    the website doesn't seem to have lots of pics, but basically it's a soft blanket and around the whole thing is info about my daughter- name, time born, date, weight, height, sibling, parents, etc. i love it.

  3. Cindy and Dayna says:

    Boogie Baby Blankets are awesome…We sell them at Dimples (; 516-792-3290) and customers literally sit for hours picking the colors and designs…But everyone comes out so awesome!!!

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