Its a Small World, Sixties-Style

One of my parents’ early dates was to the the 1964 World’s Fair. 52 million people attended this futuristic exhibition in Queens, New York. I caught this 1996 documentary (narrated by Judd Hirsch) on PBS this past summer when it aired to commemorate the Fair’s 45th anniversary, and found it very entertaining. Did you know that Disney’s “animatronics” (the animated people and animal figures that entertain visitors on Disney World rides like “It’s a Small World”) were first exhibited to test audiences at this Fair? If you love history and retro pop culture, you will enjoy this documentary as much as I did (and the sixties clothing and hairstyles are, of course, priceless). And if your own parents happened to catch the ’64 World Fair, this will be a great gift for them, too. I gave one to my parents and it brought back a lot of memories for them. Buy it for $17.99 at

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