What I Bought at Boden

I indulged in a bit of retail therapy last night at Boden. I am usually quite strict with myself, but since they were offering 20% off plus free shipping and returns, it seemed like a good time to snag some clothes I’d had my eye on for both the kids and me. There’s still time to enjoy a discount there, but it’s a bit less today (15% off) and less still on Saturday (10% off). Click through here to get the discount.

I bought myself (yes, myself!) this fun button cardigan ($78 with discount) in light blue/mocha stripe. This is what I love about Boden- fun, colorful, unexpected details.

For S. I bought this long sleeve applique tee shirt ($22 with discount) in the navy blue/basketball pattern. The pediatrician told me at S’s 3-year-checkup that S. is off the charts for height- in fact, he is the height of the average four and a half year old boy. So basketball may indeed be in his future.

I’d been thinking about buying six-year-old R. this wool blend spotty coat in red to coordinate with my own (purchased 50% off) from last year’s catalog. She is into mother/daughter dressing now and I think she’ll love it!

Quick, go to Boden while the spirit (and sales) still move you. And before they sell out…several items are already backordered.

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