Spring Preview: Little Maven

Oh, I’m so happy that I just discovered this! I thought that my kids were now too big for little maven by Tori Spelling because the fall/winter collections only went up to 4T (S. has outgrown his few pieces of Little Maven clothing). But when I was browsing the awesome new Lilly Pulitzer-esque “Palm Springs” collections for both girls and boys, I discovered on the drag-down size menu that some pieces go all the way up to 6x for girls (my daughter just makes the cut-off) and 7 for boys. You can’t search by size yet on the navigation bar, so you’ll have to check each item individually to see what the largest size is. But I’m thrilled to see that I can possibly order this terry striped dress ($58) for my 6-year-old girl and this water print tee ($34) for my 3-year-old boy (who, at the 100th percentile for height, wears a size 5). At least, that is, when the prices come down or I get a good coupon code.

Thanks, little maven by Tori Spelling for extending the sizes to bigger kids!

Update: For a limited time only, all Little Maven orders ship for free (no mininum required, no code needed).

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