A Little Box of Hope

Know someone who could use some extra encouragement these days? Check out this sweet Little Box of Hope I found at Etsy. It contains a tea bag, a pen, notebook, crackers, tissues, Hershey hugs & kisses, lifesavers, and “a little hope” poem. The set is called a “Quickit” and there are some other versions available, too, like the Morning Sickness kit which includes Saltines. A clever gift, and affordable, too; each Quickit costs just $9. Perfect to send to friend. See them all at the Etsy storefront of Quickits.

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3 Responses to A Little Box of Hope

  1. Anonymous says:

    i know someone-
    keep up the great job j!!!!


    btw- this is a fabulous item!!!!

  2. Ann says:

    What a great find!! Just added that seller to my Etsy favorites!

  3. Tiago says:

    Thank you! I really love mkniag pottery there’s something so powerful about forming something with your own two hands and then using it every day!

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