Introducing Johnnie B.

In another example of marketing to ‘tweens and teens, Boden has introduced Johnnie b, their new line of clothing and accessories for kids who are, I guess, too old for Mini Boden. I have to say I’m not so crazy about it. The clothing looks like a flimsy halfway point between the kids and adult lines, but without most of Boden’s fun signature appliques and accents. A lot of the designs look like things I’ve seen before at Gap or Old Navy. Another problem is sizing. The girls’ sizes, for example, are listed as XS-L, but aren’t given corresponding numbers (I’m guessing it’s approximately sizes 7-14). Even though my daughter now wears a 7, I think she is just as happy (me, too) to stick with Mini Boden. Visit Johnnie b, browse around, and tell me in the comments what you think.

At left: Floaty Cami Tee by Johnnie b., girls’ sizes XS-L, $36.

p.s. Did you hear that you can now buy select Boden Kids clothing online or in-store at Nordstrom’s?

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4 Responses to Introducing Johnnie B.

  1. Tracy says:

    I completely agree. And the prices for the Mall look they are providing is pretty crazy. We will happily stick with regular Mini Boden!

  2. Porshi says:

    Looking at the measurements xs was somewhere around a Gap kids large. I would say the line is exactly what they say, for teenagers. It looks somewhere in between older girl and junior sizes. less womanly than juniors in proportion. But the larger sizes go bigger than kids sizes, and would probably be suitable for smaller, less curvy young adults even. And there's certainly enough of those around right now with everyones fear of fat. I certainly prefer Mini Boden, but think these are probably perfect for older teens.

  3. Porshi says:

    After my first comment I went back and compared to Mini Boden, the biggest girl size and smallest teen size barely overlap with the latter being longer and leaner.

  4. MomGoal says:

    I am just happy that my daughter can still fit in mini boden! Age 8. She just got the catalog and already marked it all up!

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