NYIGF Part 5: Personalized Gifts

Ok, this is one of my final round-ups of picks from New York International Gift Fair (many thanks to NYIGF for featuring links to my round-ups on its homepage’s “industry news” section- I am very flattered). Here are some of my favorite personalized/customized gifts:

Mudpie is a popular wholesale gift manufacturer- you have probably spotted many of their gifts before. New for 2010 are these classy cream-and-black initial canvas totes; I tracked them down at a retail shop called Made for Me where they retail for $18.99 apiece.

Lipstick Shades had a bright, colorful display with oodles of great personalized kids’ gifts, including dinner plates ($25) that were spotted on Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I like that blue monogrammed long-sleeve onesie, too, though I can’t find it on the website (nor can I find the custom t-shirts in the photo below…I’ll keep looking):

Right across from the aisle from Mecca (aka the Jonathan Adler installation), the lucky (and talented) folks behind The Macbeth Collection benefited from overflow visitors and even got paid a visit from Mr. Adler himself, who admired their products. Here were two Macbeth Collection items that I really loved: a personalized soccer-themed tissue box cover ($40), and a personalized nursery-theme storage bucket ($50).

I also ogled these wonderful Customized Family Pillows from K Studio ($152 base price for an 18″ square pillow…pricey for sure, but, oh what a gift.)

Not customized, but cute enough to share, K Studio is also introducing these sweet I-phone covers:

Coming up next from the Gift Fair…books, stationery, jewelry and more, including (even more) new Jonathan Adler products!

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4 Responses to NYIGF Part 5: Personalized Gifts

  1. Anonymous says:

    love the totes, so inexpensive too. We're they nice quality, thinking of being a few for end of the year teacher gifts. Thanks, Gretchen

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love the stuff from The Macbeth Collection. I use that pail you have pictured for laundry in my sons room. It has a baseball theme. I also have a window box with a circus theme that I use in the bathroom that holds all the bath toys, soaps and water scoopers.

  3. Aimee Friedrich says:

    I love K Studio; I get tote bags made for gifts all the time.

  4. wrapping supplies says:

    These are all the very creative and an innovative gift wrapping ideas which are too great and magnificent.

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