MyMomShops Sponsor: Bone Seeds

Our newest sponsor is Bone Seeds, a custom jewelry site with pieces made by California artisan and photographer Anthony Lawson. He makes each piece by hand in “silverclay”, a 99% silver product that can be carved more easily, and then fired with a torch or kiln. Each piece is completely one of a kind. I got to review this beautiful custom charm mom’s necklace (starting at $89). It has customized rings representing each child (boys’ rings are oxidized black, and girls’ rings are polished). The rings are small (1/2 inch in diameter) and sit on an 18″ sterling silver chain; the overall effect is subtle and graceful, with just a touch of “goth” provided by the darker, oxidized rings.

Not interested in “mommy” jewelry? Check out Anthony’s other wares including this custom Forever Pendant ($109). Really pretty, and another nice option for Mother’s Day (May 9th…hint hint!).

Visit Bone Seeds.

Please note this is a sponsored post, and that a product sample was provided for this review. All views expressed here are exclusively those of MyMomShops.

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