My Grandparents’ Wedding Day

Have I shared the big news yet that my uber-talented sister is having a book published in January 2011? Now you know. It is a story collection called “The Quiet Americans”, and it is inspired by our paternal grandparents, Jews who left Germany in the late 1930s (and who are the original “R” and “S” in whose memory my kids are named). Today over at her blog, she posted more about our grandparents, whose January 1941 wedding photo appears above (the bridal couple is towards the right side of the photo: “R” is wearing a corsage and “S” is touching her shoulders). You can read more about the meaning of this photo here; my sister (who is a multi-degreed writer and historian) writes about it far more eloquently than I ever could. And, of course, I’ll be writing more about her book closer to its publication!

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