Ebay Eighties

I often buy my kids last season’s clothing on Ebay, and during my last visit I stumbled onto some great 1980s “vintage” clothing (1980s is “vintage”…boy I feel old). While I don’t recommend that you actually *wear* any of these items in public (unless you are an extra in Hot Tub Time Machine), they certainly are good purchases for collectors. I happen to have owned each of these items and wish I had saved them, too.

Boys’ Vintage Benetton Rugby. I had this rugby in blue in 7th grade. So did 50% of my homeroom class. (And remember the icon Letter B sweater? I had it in 2 colors with matching cords, of course). Image courtesy Defunkd.

Guess Vintage Ankle Zip High Waist Jeans. I had these in acid wash and in striped denim. I was trying to look super cool.

Vintage Laura Ashley Linen Sailor Dress. And when I wasn’t trying to look cool, I was trying to look like I belonged in the English countryside. I had this exact Laura Ashley sailor dress (with navy trim rather than white). I cringe when I think that I wore a sailor dress at age sixteen.

What 1980s clothing do you have stashed in your closet? Someone might just snatch it up on Ebay.

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2 Responses to Ebay Eighties

  1. houseofestrogen says:

    OMG, I had those Guess jeans in striped denim too! They are just awful! Back then, they were my most prized possesion though!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My daughter just left for her 20th h.s. reunion wearing the black/grey Benetton letter B sweater that I dug out of a box in the basement…couldn't find her ankle zip jeans, though.

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