Just like Mom’s…but Quieter

I spotted this lovely Mostly Wood Toy Laptop and Cell Phone last week at ohdeedoh, the children’s home design blog. I love the design, the simplicity, and the colors…though I, too, think that the lack of real bells and whistles might make it more of a objet d’art than a practical toy for an actual child. They’re available for pre-order via Guidecraft. What do you think- would your kids enjoy playing with these?

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2 Responses to Just like Mom’s…but Quieter

  1. Aimee K. says:

    It looks nice, but M wouldn't want to play with it because it doesn't work. As much as I can't stand all the toys that have sound and love when M uses his imagination, these toys just wouldn't cut it.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    No way, with no buttons to push, sounds to hear, visual excitement, this would get lost in the bottom of the toy pile in five minutes!

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